Range of Services


Business Development 
From strategy to plan to success! 

  • strategic plan development / long-term finance planning 
  •  vision statement development (vision, mission, values) 
  • route-to-market and channel strategy development 
  • demand forecasting process definition 
  • project-management in sales, IT, supply-chain optimisation
  • successor planning
  •  support for organizational planning and reorganisation 
  • support for Merger and Acquisition (M&A) Projects 
  • support for annual reporting and bank-reporting

Deal Creation (DC) and Deal Completion (DP) 

Deal Creation & Communication 
Developing winning concepts!! 

Seibold Consulting, Geschäftsanbahnung, Abschluss
  • Development of yearly Sales- and Marketingplan
  • Development of price-pack strategy and pricing and condition system 
  • Development of selling-stories with unique selling propositions
  • Execution support for new listings and yearly talks to the German trade 
  • Big network to German Retail, Wholesalers and Distributors (beverages) 

Export Management (EM)

Fit for Export!

New target markets ! 

  • development export strategy & definition export portfolio 
  • define and build a scalable export organization 
  • traget market selection 
  • preparation and execution of distributor calls 
  • strong network to international distributors and associations 

Training & Workshops (WS)

Keynote Speaker!
Benefit from experience!

  •  keynote speech for kick-off meetings (change, targets, can-do) 
  • work-shops for general management and sales-teams, strategic planning (SP1) annual planning & targets (AP1) |  yearly talk preparation  (DC1) |professional sales-calls (SC1) 
  • 1:1 Coachings, Mentoring for Managers 

Sales Excellence

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